Husband Pergoki Istri Intercourse With Other Men

Apparently With Fellow Employees SPBU Employees

Two SPBU employees were caught having intercourse in the room. Unfortunately, they were caught red-handed by her female husband.

The incident started when Yo (24), the husband of Ti (23) said goodbye to his wife would go camping with friends working in the area of Bintan, and did not come home the night it was . Ti who is an employee at a distributor company, in Batu 8 Atas, owned by one of the gas station entrepreneurs in Tanjungpinang , is, allowing her husband to camp with his friends.

Saturday (8/6) at around 08.00 pm, Yo went away from his house in Batu 5 Atas, and his departure was released by his beloved wife. But unbeknownst to Yo, his wife has an affair, namely the man initials Ad (23) co-workers.

Moments after Yo leaves, Ti immediately contacts her dark lover, and asks her to come to the house. Shortly thereafter, Add the two boys, immediately came to Ti’s home. Long story short, Ad and Ti met, then they also do intercourse in the room used Yo and Ti sleep every day.

Meanwhile, Yo who had gathered with his friends, and was ready to go to the camping location, was forced to delay their departure, because there is one important item, left at home. He rushed home to take the goods.

Arriving at home, he immediately went into the house, and search for these items. But after he got the item, he just realized that the house was in a state of quiet. Nor did he see his wife in the house.

Without suspicion, he searched for his wife in the bedroom. But as he approached his bedroom door, he saw the door shut tight, and heard a strange voice in the room. He also approached the door and out of curiosity, put his ears at the door.

At that moment he heard the sound of sighs and groans like two people who are intercourse. Without thinking, Yo immediately broke the locked door. And when the door opened, he could only stare at the body of his naked wife in the body of another man who was also naked.

Ti who saw the arrival of her husband also can not do much, he and the man’s affair, as well as his colleagues, can only sit on the bed by covering their bodies with a blanket. A few minutes later, Yo immediately called his friends and undo the camping plan.

Some of Yo’s friends who knew the incident immediately came to Yo’s house and suggested that Yo report to the police. Yo immediately reported it to the police, he also reported the actions of the wife and the man to their workplace.

Meanwhile, Tanjungpinang Police Chief, AKBP Patar Gunawan, through Kasubag PRAS AKP Imawan Rantau, confirmed to confirm the incident. “Her husband has made a police report in the Polres,” he said.

Some colleagues Ti and Ad, who met reporters admitted very surprisedly with the incident, and the news is already widespread in their workplace. They did not expect Ti and Ad to have a special relationship. “All this time they look mediocre, and do not look like people who have a special relationship,” said the man’s colleague Ti who was reluctant name dikorankan it.