9 Residents Of Batam Accused Of Robbing In Malaysia

Send A Message From Behind Prison

Nine police accused the residents of Batam Malaysia attempted piracy in Malaysian waters. Until now, they are still being detained and questioned by the authorities in the negeri jiran was. One of them was named Adi Candra (30), a resident of Tanjunguma who daily worked as a boat carrier at the ferry port of the Beach Stress, Jodoh .

The absence of the father of three children, of course, worries the family. Adi was declared no longer returned to his home since delivering eight men into the sea, Sunday (9/6) night.

At the moment in search of relatives, Adi eventually sends messages from across the country, are reported have been arrested police maritime Malaysia with accusations had entered the territorial waters of Malaysia illegally.

“The family is trying to pick up,” said Budi, a relative of Adi to reporters. Adi family parties, insofar as these seem not willing to provide more information.

Search results at the port of the people of Stress Beach, Adi’s daily life is working as a bearer of a beheading to deliver crew to the sea.

Usually, Adi also always bring GPRS so as not to enter the territorial waters of other countries. It’s just that Sunday night, Adi’s friends mention, Adi did not depart from the escort Beach Stress were usually tethered pancung. During this time, in the eyes of his friends, Adi is known as a simple man.

Separately, Head of Court of Justice, Public Relations and Protocols of the Consortium, Colonel Edi Fernandi, told reporters that he received reports that nine people were arrested by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APMM) on Monday (10/6) on charges of attempted piracy in Tanjungayam waters, Johor. APMM claimed the nine people were caught surveillance cameras.

Related to the allegations, said Edi, it is still awaiting follow-up investigation of the authorities in Malaysia. Edi admitted the Bakorkamla has not been able to take the pick-up effort because the allegations addressed on the nine people were caught crime. (Chi)