Solar Dredged Warehouse Raided

In the midst of the issue of fuel price hike ( BBM ), there are even people who use the situation by hoarding BBM. One of them is subsidized diesel fuel. Hoarding is revealed after a raid by police from Unit VI Tipiter Police Barelang on Wednesday (12/6) afternoon at one warehouse in Tanjung Gundap, Tembesi.

The raid was led by Kanit VI Iptu Chrisman Panjaitan and managed to bring about 13 tons of diesel fuel stored in a bunker and truck.

Invisible Reskrim Polresta Barelang, Kompol Ponco Indriyo through Kanit VI Iptu Chrisman Panjaitan said, during the raid, There is still pengoplosan activity. “When we wake up there is pengoplosan,” said Chrisman.

It is said Chrisman, this arrest is based on information from the public who saw the activity of a number of cars carrying fuel type diesel and gasoline. Shortly before the raid, Chrisman made an investigation. After making sure, then raids were carried out.
“There are 5 people examined, the driver, the kenek and also the warehouse keeper,” said Chrisman. In addition to securing a blue tank truck, the officers also brought a car limp at the location to the pole, such as tank car owned by PT Adja Dian Perkasa and sedan shunt tank that has been modified.

Watched POSMETRO in Mapolres Barelang on Wednesday night around 23:30 pm, Police conducted a marathon examination of 5 people suspected of involvement in the misuse of this fuel. But Chrisman has not mentioned what the results of the examination. “It’s still being developed,” he said. (Tjo)