Because Of Laid-Off, Wife Dead Hanged

Friday (14/6) at around 18:00 pm , Lilis Priska Manurung, just returned from his place of work. In front of the house, not usually he found rolling door shop owned by a couple Kopmer Manurung and Rosdianti Simanjuntak, a resident of Villa Mukakuning Housing Block C1 No. 7, RT 09 RW 10, Tembesi, Sagulung was being closed.

Long enough to stand while calling the owner of the house, Prisca Rosdianti sister-in-law’s name was never get an answer. Whereas before Priska had heard a small voice from inside the house.

Shortly after calling, the employee of one of the companies in Mukakuning decided to enter through a side door. Arriving in the living room, Priska only heard the sound of a spinning fan and the sound of television broadcast from a private TV station. Indeed that afternoon, the condition of the living room looks a bit messy. After all, that afternoon Rosdianti was alone at home while Kopmer mine.

Only two sheets of thin mattresses, pillows, and blankets still stood in the corner of the room. So also with the glass and remote TV is still scattered on a plastic mat that runs along the room.

Plastic round chairs adult knee also fell not far from the front of the window. The intention of the heart wants to tidy up, even others see the woman from North Sumatra. When she turned her body Priska shrieked. In front of his eyes, Rosdianti, his brother-in-law died to hang on the window trellis. He just cried while shouting for help.

Priska’s shout could make residents Villa Mukakuning ambushed. Locations began disemuti citizens. Shortly after the discovery of the corpse, Kopmer, the victim’s husband who was informed by the villagers finally came. The man who worked as an angkot driver was just silent to see the woman he loved dies hanging in front of the wedding photo.

He can not do much either. Long enough to look, the green plastic strap wrapped around Rosdianti’s neck was immediately opened. The rigid body was also laid Kopmer.

Shortly afterwards the ranks of Reskrim Polsek Sagulung came and did the Genesis Place Case ( TKP ). For purposes of external examination or Visum Et Repertum (VER) Rosdianti body was taken to the Room of RSOB-BP Batam in Sekupang .


Testament Sheets Not far from Rosdianti’s body, the police found two pieces of paper with contents of the testament. On the first paper, it contains an apology to the husband. He confessed the stress of being laid off at PT Infenion, where he used to work. The Testament reads, “My daddy, Papaku Malang, it’s been two months of Simanjutak I got laid off, but my heart has not been received until now, let me live my life like this, help me god I can not afford to live it, only you can. Papa let me live what it is, without your presence I will not be able, let me forget all, suppose I never know you “.

While in the other testament, Rosdianti pleaded irritated to a woman who is called as a third person in the household.

“My dear daddy, my daddy papa, it’s been two months I was fired from PT Infenion. I committed suicide because of Lamhot. He used to use me when he sms me, so spontaneous, so if I am in phk he is grudging because he love with my husband, he did not get my husband, so he wants to destroy our household, he must be responsible later. He’ll keep me alive forever, until he’s crazy and suicidal. Ready to be ready I’ll disturb you lamhot. Lamot you Lamhot. ” So said the deceased in his last testament.

Sorry to Stop Working

Muhammad Nur, Chairman of the local RW said the victim and his family just a few months stay in Block C is. “Before this family lived in Block B next door. They are only about two months living here. The daily victim sells but the person is closed. If her husband is an angkot driver, “Nur said.

Jhonner Panjaitan, a neighbor of the victim, said that in the afternoon around 14.00 he had seen the door of the shop in front of his house closed. Only he had been reprimanded before Kopmer left for the mine. “Lek …., katannya so lifted his left hand,” said Jhonner at the location while saying that the angkot driven by the victim’s husband headed out.

Kapolsek Sagulung, AKP Eddy Buche at the scene said, While the victim allegedly hanged himself. While the development in the field, from a foundation that was found to be suspected of writing the victim, explained that the concerned regret over the resign of work done from the company where he worked.

“Apparently after the resign, the victim realized that what he did was not true, because there are still debts that have not been paid. So there was regret after the incident and his mind was disturbed, “Buche told POSMETRO.

As for the third person written by the victim in his will, according to Buche has nothing to do with the death of the victim.

“It’s just plain writing, not possible through mobile phone has done witchcraft. And we can not prove that it is witchcraft, “he explained.

Temporary police investigation results, An estimated casualty since morning. “It is estimated at around seven and eight in the morning,” he concluded.

The same thing was also submitted by Kepda Polda Kepri , dr Novita who did the visum, if the victim was killed more than 12 hours.

Husband Pergoki Istri Intercourse With Other Men

Apparently With Fellow Employees SPBU Employees

Two SPBU employees were caught having intercourse in the room. Unfortunately, they were caught red-handed by her female husband.

The incident started when Yo (24), the husband of Ti (23) said goodbye to his wife would go camping with friends working in the area of Bintan, and did not come home the night it was . Ti who is an employee at a distributor company, in Batu 8 Atas, owned by one of the gas station entrepreneurs in Tanjungpinang , is, allowing her husband to camp with his friends.

Saturday (8/6) at around 08.00 pm, Yo went away from his house in Batu 5 Atas, and his departure was released by his beloved wife. But unbeknownst to Yo, his wife has an affair, namely the man initials Ad (23) co-workers.

Moments after Yo leaves, Ti immediately contacts her dark lover, and asks her to come to the house. Shortly thereafter, Add the two boys, immediately came to Ti’s home. Long story short, Ad and Ti met, then they also do intercourse in the room used Yo and Ti sleep every day.

Meanwhile, Yo who had gathered with his friends, and was ready to go to the camping location, was forced to delay their departure, because there is one important item, left at home. He rushed home to take the goods.

Arriving at home, he immediately went into the house, and search for these items. But after he got the item, he just realized that the house was in a state of quiet. Nor did he see his wife in the house.

Without suspicion, he searched for his wife in the bedroom. But as he approached his bedroom door, he saw the door shut tight, and heard a strange voice in the room. He also approached the door and out of curiosity, put his ears at the door.

At that moment he heard the sound of sighs and groans like two people who are intercourse. Without thinking, Yo immediately broke the locked door. And when the door opened, he could only stare at the body of his naked wife in the body of another man who was also naked.

Ti who saw the arrival of her husband also can not do much, he and the man’s affair, as well as his colleagues, can only sit on the bed by covering their bodies with a blanket. A few minutes later, Yo immediately called his friends and undo the camping plan.

Some of Yo’s friends who knew the incident immediately came to Yo’s house and suggested that Yo report to the police. Yo immediately reported it to the police, he also reported the actions of the wife and the man to their workplace.

Meanwhile, Tanjungpinang Police Chief, AKBP Patar Gunawan, through Kasubag PRAS AKP Imawan Rantau, confirmed to confirm the incident. “Her husband has made a police report in the Polres,” he said.

Some colleagues Ti and Ad, who met reporters admitted very surprisedly with the incident, and the news is already widespread in their workplace. They did not expect Ti and Ad to have a special relationship. “All this time they look mediocre, and do not look like people who have a special relationship,” said the man’s colleague Ti who was reluctant name dikorankan it.