Corruption Eradication Commission All Hanura In Dapil Jabar II

Because Women Representation Is Less 30%, Also Wrong Placement Woman

JAKARTA – The General Election Commission ( KPU ) crossed out the names of Legal Candidate Members (Bacaleg) People’s Conscience Party (Hanura) for the House of Representatives in the electoral district (dapil) West Java II. Thus the party is otherwise not have candidates in dapil it.

The decision was first made known after the KPU on Thursday (13/6) afternoon, releasing the names of the Temporary Candidate List (DCS) legislators for the DPR RI through its official website After checking, it turns out Hanura candidate column for Jabar II dapil, empty.

“The KPU has just corrected its decision. Apparently there is a list of candidates Jabar II from Hanura not qualified. Because the placement of women is wrong, “said KPU commissioner Hadar Gumay in Jakarta, Thursday (13/6).

With this decision then according to Hadar, the number of Bacaleg who did not enter the DCS increased from the previous 77 people, to become 87 people.

In addition, this decision also adds to the list of sanctioned political parties having no candidates in a number of electoral districts.

Previously, the KPU has determined that four political parties have no candidates in several electoral areas. Namely the Justice and Unity Party of Indonesia (PKPI), has no candidates in the dapil West Java V, West Java VI and NTT I.

Then the United Development and Development Party (PPP) has no legislative candidate in West Java II and Central Java III. Then Gerindra Party from West Java IX dapil and National Mandate Party (PAN) in the dapil West Sumatra I.

The decision was conveyed by Chairman of KPU Husni Kamil Manik in the event of ‘Submission of Verification Result of Administrative Reform of Candidate of House of Representatives in 2014,’ in Banda Room, Hotel Borobudur, Central Jakarta, Monday (10/6).

According to Husni, according to the regulations and legislation, the representation of 30 percent of women must be filled with political parties election participants in each electoral district. If it does not meet 30 percent representation, then it does not qualify nomination of political parties in the electoral area.

DPW PKS Jambi Asked To Quit Coalition

JAMBI – DPW PKS Jambi provincial officials asked the DPP to get out of the coalition if the government raised the price of fuel subsidies.

This was disclosed by the Secretary of DPW PKS Jambi Province, Supriyanto, when berorasi in action refuse fuel subsidy increase at the roundabout Tugu Juang, Jambi City, Monday (10/6), yesterday.

“We ask that the PKS faction in the House of Representatives to fight for our aspirations. If the government rejects the demand for the cancellation of the fuel price hike, we ask that the PKS get out of the coalition. Better PKS opposition, “said Supri.

In fact, Supri said it is better for PKS to withdraw three of its ministers in the Cabinet to refuse subsidized fuel price hike. “Just pull out the three ministers in the cabinet!” Shouted Supri.

According to Supriyanto, from the beginning the PKS rejected the plan to increase fuel prices. “Rejection is not the present moment. From the past, the PKS always rejected the fuel price hike. MCC consistently rejects fuel price hikes! “Asserted this member of Parliament Jambi Province.

Hundreds of police officers were deployed to secure the demonstration held by PKS yesterday . Some mothers are also seen carrying a variety of kitchen equipment in this demonstration.

Not only that , they also carry a banner rejection of subsidized fuel price hike, so that congestion is inevitable.

Meanwhile, Chairman of DPS PKS Jambi Syafrudin Dwi Apriyanto said it had instructed all PKS cadres in districts / cities in Jambi Province, to participate in providing support by installing a banner rejection of fuel price increase plan.

Fahri: Palace Already Remove PKS From Setgab

The Deputy Secretary General of Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) Fahri Hamzah said mid last week someone from the court had told the minister from PKS that they had been expelled from the Joint Secretariat (Setgab).

Therefore, according to Fahri, the Governing Board at the central level (DPTP) designing their Shura Council meeting which should take place later this . Because according to him, DPTP should report on the incident.

“Palace had told a minister that the MCC MCC has been removed from the coalition or Setgab. He was informed that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would love the letter formally to the party, “Fahri said in the DPR , Jakarta, Wednesday (12/6).

Fahri’s palace party, promised to deliver the letter on Saturday. But until Monday night, PKS has not received the letter. “So the Shura Council’s event was canceled. There is not today the Council of Syuro, “he said.

The party, led by Anis Matta, said Fahri, is waiting for the continuation of verbal notification from the court to one of the ministers of PKS. “We think this information is valid and serious. Therefore we wait for clarity, “he said.

Members of the House of Representatives Commission III are reluctant to mention who the palace that gives information and ministers of the MCC who receive information. “No need to mention names, which is important we are waiting. In time we will say later and concerned can be asked, “he said.

After receiving the letter, Fahri explained, it will invite the meeting of the Council of Syuro because of course there are things that must be responded collectively. “Later will be discussed in the council of syuro council staff in this case DPTP. DPTP is what will follow up the letter, “he concluded. (Gil / jpnn )