United Investigate Indonesian Palm Products

JAKARTA-The government continues to include palm oil in the list of eco-friendly products or APEC Enviromentals Goods (EGs). After unsuccessfully lobbying APEC countries at a meeting in Surabaya in April, the government will ask the United States Environmental Protection Agency or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to investigate the oil product Indonesia .

Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan revealed on his visit to the land of Uncle Sam two weeks ago, it has met the leader of the EPA. It asked EPA to send a team to Indonesia to investigate Indonesian palm products. The investigation is related to the carbon emissions that occur in Indonesian oil palm plantations. “They are willing, on Tuesday and his team has arrived for the next discussion,” he explained.

As is known, palm oil products failed to enter the market because APEC is considered not meet the environmental standards set by the EPA. Based on the results of EPA testing, Indonesia’s CPO is still producing 20 percent of carbon emissions. Whereas the EPA standard sets a maximum of 17 percent.

The initial step of the investigation, continued Gita, EPA team will meet with the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, business actors , and oil palm planters. Then proceed with the investigation that will begin next week. Gita said the results of the investigation will be announced later in July.

Gita explained the results of the investigation of the EPA will determine the fate of palm oil products in the future. Because the results of the EPA is not only recognized by the United States but the whole world. “This is a hope. The result will be shown later in APEC forum in Bali in October. This can be a big consideration of palm oil products included in the EGs, “he said.

As an illustration, EGs is a fiscal facility agreed by APEC members in the form of reduction of entry tariff. If a product is included in the list was the duty assigned under five percent. There are currently 54 products listed in EGs. “Going into the EGs will benefit our economy forward. Palm is one of Indonesia’s leading commodities, “he said. (Uma)