Superman KW Comic Sold Rp 1.75 Billion

LOS ANGELES – An auction site has a huge profit from the launch of Superman’s new movie “Man of Steel” which is currently underway. Site called was reported successfully auctioning clone (KW) first Superman comic “Action Comics No. 1” at the price of USD 175 thousand or approximately Rp 1.75 miliar.Harga was certainly much on top of the original edition of Action Comics No. 1, which reached USD 2 , 1 million (Rp 21 billion), earned by actor Nicholas Cage in an auction last year. Superman’s first comic prolificity scale is only 1.5 points, while the original comic is certainly in the top 10 grade.

Action Comics No 1 version of “KW super” is estimated to number up to now live hundreds of copies. The comic, which was auctioned Monday by a building contractor, David Gonzales in a Minnesota country house. The comic pictographer Superman was picking up the car, taped to one of the walls of the house for decades.

Mentioned, one part of the comic slightly torn due to Gonzales quarrel with his wife relatives about the authenticity of the comic. But the number of rare and still popular figures Superman, according to the Hollywoodreporter page quoted on Thursday (13/6), making buyers are not too concerned about the damage. (Pre / jpnn )